Why people end up in prison

Amazing JP…..indeed.

Let me tell you my friend an observation that i found. Fir the past 4 years, my family and i have been watching the Investigation Discobery channel, known as for crime stories in different formats.

The rest watch it for suspense and entertainment.

I do not.

I study it.

The American society…..why?

The human psychology…..how?

My finding was shocking.

“Killing is becoming an OPTION in solving personal problem.”

Then i made the connection.

The US presidents, all of them, in international major conflicts, always say..” all the options are open on the table.”

Insread of saying, we need to keep peace on earth by extending hands to each other. Humans lives are sacred. War has no winners. Let us get red of our selfishness, and look after the overall benefits to humanity.



Too much.

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