Misunderstanding About a Sale in Istanbul in 2010
Deborah Kristina

Debirah, this is really a sad story. i am a muslim man, and to hear that a muslim cheated someone hurts me a lot, since prophet Muhammad said…whoever cheats is not one of us. Also, in the Qura’an chapter 83 is named the Cheaters…. To emphasize that cheating is a moral crime.

But here is some explanation to your situation. Since the collapse of the ottoman empire in 1920, turkey became a military state, which is a perfect recipe for corruption…turkey became a corrupt poor nation. Untill 2002, Ardoghan’s party won ruling turkey, it started to depart from corruption to honesty, but it takes at least a generation to change people’s behavior and morals. By then, i assure you that these tattoos shops would disappear because totto in islam is brohibited, by then, honesty would resume.

By the way, if you go to Egypt, u would find it even worst, again, the military rule.

The irony is that the American gov. Support these military regimes all the way to the end.

Sorry for that and my apologies Deborah…by the way, do you know that your name is an Arabic name…!


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