Yes! Until recently I did not even know you were supposed to love yourself!
Greg Bardwell


37 years ago, i came to the US.

Started to kearn the culture by being a university student.

A statement i heard so often that captured my attention.

I heard americans so often say.. I bought me a tv. I bought me a car.

I started to wonder. We the arabs say…i bought a tv, i bought a car. Without the “me”.


I think it is the engrained selfishness that the system created. Where people, men and women, young and old, look at material elements as the ultimate toys with which they can play. It s the ego in the working. it is the love of self.

How can we define love when it is always attached to things, including our sexy bodies, males and females!

How can we differentiate between loving ourselves and selfishness.

Do we need a specialist to tell us, or it is somewhere within our souls..!


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