Hey… you.
Heath Houston

Heath….New York publishers are the gate keepers off knowledge. They trickle in whatevet they want, in order bto affirm their control on people’s minds and prains.

I am not a writer, by the modern definition, but however, i have discovered a way to publish for free.

But you ca not do it if you are impatient or do nit believe in it.

I publish thru the human ether…or what i call it, the human network.

First, I write my thought, then i would say it to my wife, or young daughter or son.

This way i am content that i got my thoughts published.

Yes, i have been watching the efficacy of this method. To me it looks working.

By the way, here at midium i do not write other than commenting on people’s writing…but when i write, i do it the old old old fashion way.

Pen and paper, in arabic.


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