I’m OK if you want to call me a Feminist
Little Andy

Little Andy,

You do not know how much i am thankful for your intellectual, philosofical, and practical presentation to how much thankful we should always be.

About Women above…..

For a couple of years i kept in touch with the cable tv station…Investigation Discovery. Nothing for intertainment, but rather to make a personal comparative study between the Middle Eastern culture, from which i evolved, and the American Western culture, where i learned most of my mature age…about 37 years in USA.

3 striking conclusions i found.

Number one…..most of the homicide victims in the US are young females.

Crimes are not mental aberation in the individuals, it is a social malady.

Number tow…..it seems that there is an ingrained idea, somehow, that in order to solve your problem, killing is one of the options on the table.

This conclution strikes my essense while analysing the intelletual process of the crime.

Third and last…..the role of alcohol in these crimes.

This presentation about women may not support your argument above, but it raises the opportunity to change our approach in order to reach the roots of women’s dilemma, within a comprehensive approach to society.

Thank you my friend for this beautiful platform….i am thankful indeed.

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