Ever Glow
Natasha Kurien


In this writing you have said almost everything. It is a compilation of wisdom. Yet, there is a catch…a pivotal one. I have a theory, swhich i think is a fact. My theory is that wisdom of humanity is not created, meaning, we can not create wisdom on our own by our own opservations. Then, how can we get it….where it came from….????

Let us go back to the Greeks philosophy. Plato, Aristotle,…etc…were they philisophers out of the blue..? NO.

My theory is that all these people that we celebrate, including Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Mohammad,…all these are the source of this wisdom because they were chosen by the Creator to deliver this widom.

In a sense, i think Plato, was not a philosopher, but rathet a prophet…then his message was distorted after there death, just like the message of Buddha and jesus. The core of their message is laws of divinity.

What is the implication of this…?

Divinity. Itself.

With all the wisdom we have, without the correct undertanding to divinity, this wisdom would be just a mirage.

We see it, we talk about it, but nothing there. Divinity is a whole integrated concept. We can not manipulate it according to our own whims and our own wisdom. Impossible.

Natasha, thank you greatly for your writing and sharing your learned wisdom with humanity.