Apparently I’m Stigmatizing Domestic Work by Not Being Ashamed to Do It
Rachel Darnall

Rachel, i do not get it.

I do not see the connection between the menial jobs in society compared with working couples…etc.

I see no relations.

The man by nature has a function, and the woman by nature has her own didtinct function.

But, for menial jobs….i love menial jobs personally….when my son was 6 years old i told him that the best job he can have is collecting garbage because it keeps society healthy before going to the blood sucking doctors.

Knowing that i have a maters degree in business, economics, and international trade, adding to that reading at least 500 books, nonfiction…..yet, mixing with lower class in a society is much more rewarding than working with neck ties of hypocrisy and deception.

The story is very long rachele….


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