The Light (Ghazal)
Sheryl Martin

Sheryl, i can see where this is coming from. The truth is hidden in the light, but many can not see it…..

A question that wondered me for decades, why?

It is the cast of magic.

Look at msnbs, (majic makers), and see how the Democrats and the media are so honest and sincere. Look at the other magic makers, fox news, how great the republicans are and how God loving they are. Magic.

Look at females sexuality, all over every thing. It sells because of its magic.

Look at wives killing there husbands, or vice versa, to get the insurance money. What a powerful magic money has!

sherly, remember the story of Moses, peace be upon him, when he faced pharon! …pharon’s first line soldiers where the magicians.

You see. I read Mudium, but i do not right. I want to see how people think. Almost the majority of people are positive thinkers, and want and yearn to get out of this universal miss, but they can not. Because they are under the spell of something called THINGS.


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