The Complete Guide to the Science of Fasting
Elysium Health

Simulated phone call:

Satti: hi

Scientist: hi, what up

Satti: i like this research about fasting

Scientist…..thanks….we search for you

Satti….indeed….thank you, i would like to tell mr. Scientist, that i heard there is a big mass of creatures, about 2 billion of them, all-over the world, they have a month called Ramadan, and these creatures fast the whole month, from the sun rise till the sun set…about 15 hours aday. They fast from food, liquid, sex, and gossib. They resume eating any thing at the sun set. So this is a huge lab where you can make your study, instead of doing it on rats.

Scientist: well, i agree, but those muslims have a bad image of being..hmmm

Satti: i know what you mean, but what about these rats, let one approach a woman and see how terrorized she gets..!

Scientist: i do not know what to tell you sir, but will think about it.

Satti: no problem my friend, as long as you think, you will be okey.


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