Sofia Indy

☺ sofia, that was fun….

Okey meat lover. Since you love stories, here is one.

A story

30 years ago…..a grad student

Living in a motel….no stove to cook


Late night

Across the street…there is Poppey’s

Ushered in

Qumo esta,

Two girls….bien senior

I said…habla espaniol…!?

They said se senior

I said….quero dos chichis por favor

Looked at me in the eye both

Looked back

She started laughing

I started laughing

The second girl got contagion, laughing

They kept laughing,

So do i

They both fell on the ground laughing

I fell on the table laughing…

Woken up

We rose

Gave me my spicy chicken breast

Went back to my room and swallowed the white meat.


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