Top 15 Health Benefits of Using a Sauna Regularly

The health and wellness industry is full of products and devices that are designed to offer different health remedies. Some of these products work better than others and can offer many benefits to help you look and feel healthier.

Once the device that can be beneficial for your health is a sauna. There are many different types of saunas that use different techniques to improve your overall health. They can work for people in many different age groups and can be especially beneficial for athletes and those who experience frequent fatigue and stress from their job or other daily activities.

There are compact saunas that you can purchase to use at your home. Most of these are easy to use and require no special equipment. Saunas have been used by different civilizations throughout history. The use of steam for relaxation and health benefits actually goes back thousands of years.

The Mayans may have used the benefits of induced sweating as many as 3000 years ago. This type of relaxation method is also popular in Finland and other European countries. Saunas in the United States have been popular for many years. As the need for natural health remedies continues to grow, so does the demand for sauna usage throughout the US.

Many brands are now making various types of saunas for use in the home, including infrared saunas and steam saunas. Using a sauna regularly can have many benefits for your health and well-being. The sauna is an excellent method for stress relief.

Sitting in the sauna gives you time to unwind at the end of a long day. Plus, you can use the sauna at your home in your own space with privacy and no concern about interruptions or disturbances that may happen at a gym or sauna facility.

Having a sauna to use at home also allows you to save money over purchasing a gym membership or spending money on frequent trips to a spa. Not only does a sauna provide you with a way to relax, they also offer many other benefits for your health.

15. Cardio Benefits

Using a sauna can provide the body with some of the same benefits as doing cardiovascular exercise. The sauna can work to increase the heart rate in a healthy way which is especially beneficial for those who can’t participate in traditional types of cardio workouts. Plus, the decreasing of stress levels throughout the body can be beneficial for overall cardio health as less stress on the body means less stress on the heart. The sauna is able to increase the heart rate from it’s normal resting level to a rate of around 100–150 beats per minute. This simulates the rate that you get from mild to moderate cardio workouts.

14. Reduction of Stress Levels

The sauna provides a warm environment that can work to relax the body. This also allows you to unwind after a stressful day. Sitting in the sauna regularly can help to reduce your overall stress. Plus, when you know that you have that option to relieve your tension, it may actually help you when dealing with difficult situations because you know you have a method of relief to go home to. Some saunas allow you to read a book or listen to music as you relax to enhance your enjoyment of your sauna experience. Another way to increase your enjoyment of your sauna experience, and reduce your stress, is to share your sauna with a friend. This gives you some time to be social while you get the added benefits of the sauna.

13. Increase Circulation

A sauna works to increase blood circulation throughout the body. The increased body temperature that happens during sauna use works to widen the blood vessels. This helps oxygen-rich blood flow to the arms and legs, which can help with strain and tension in the extremities. Increased blood flow from sauna use may be beneficial for those who deal with conditions that negatively impact the circulatory system. This is also another way to help improve cardiovascular health.

12. Pain Relief

As the sauna works to circulate the blood better, it can also help relieve pain related to muscle strain or other types of injuries. The increased blood flow can help these types of injuries and even chronic pain feel better. When used frequently, the sauna can actually reduce the regular pain felt by those who suffer from many types of injuries and diseases that cause chronic pain throughout the body. The sauna has also been shown in studies to reduce the symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s disease in many of those who used the sauna regularly for a significant amount of time.

11. Increase Metabolism

The sauna works to increase the overall temperature of the body which can mean that your metabolism goes up. This can be ideal for use as an addition to your regular workout routine as a method to lose more fat. By increasing the body temperature, the metabolism works overtime to burn more than normal. This can lead to an increase in fat burning immediately after sauna use, whether you’re being active or sedentary.

10. Eliminate Toxins

Using a sauna helps to eliminate many different toxins from the body. This process of eliminating toxins is increased as the level of sweating is increased. This can help remove toxins that have been absorbed by the body from environmental sources and other types of absorption. Many people have reported feeling better overall when using a sauna regularly to help the body increase the level of toxin removal.

9. Improved Skin Health

The skin becomes dry and lifeless from encountering different environmental factors. This can happen due to the air around you or the products you use on your skin. Using the sauna can help to improve the condition of your skin, especially around the facial area. It works to moisturize from within to plump the facial skin so that it appears smooth and youthful. This can be especially true when using infrared sauna technology as it’s designed to deeply penetrate the different skin layers in very little time.

8. Better Hair

The sebaceous gland in the scalp releases compounds that can help moisturize the hair and make it appear fuller and healthier. Using the sauna stimulates this gland to work more efficiently. The sauna technology can help clear the scalp of any type of toxins which helps the hair look and feel vibrant without adding too much oil to the scalp so that it doesn’t appear greasy and dull. The great benefit of this aspect of sauna use is that it can help you save money on expensive hair treatments and products.

7. Added Moisture

The sauna is able to help your body stay moisturized all over. Sitting in the sauna opens your pores so that you can absorb moisture more easily. Those with extremely dry skin can actually benefit from using a favorite moisturizer after each sauna use. Since the pores are already open after sitting in the sauna, the skin is more prepared to absorb the moisturizing compounds. This means longer-lasting benefits from the skin products you’re using, whether on the face or the body.

6. Enhance Immune System

An unexpected benefit of using the sauna regularly is it’s ability to increase your immune’s system to help you fight off infections and illnesses. Using the sauna can help the body increase it’s production of white blood cells. These blood cells are one of the body’s main ways to fight many different types of infections. This can be especially beneficial during the cold months when cold and flu infections are frequent. Those who regularly use the sauna often find themselves sick less frequently and actually have an improved ability to fight off infections that do occur.

5. Athletic Performance

The sauna has been a tool frequently used by athletes to increase their performance. It can be beneficial for athletes of all sports including basketball, track, soccer, swimming, wresting, MMA fighting, and many others. Using the sauna regularly has shown to help an athlete build up their heat tolerance. Once this increases, your stamina and endurance can also increase. By increasing your endurance, you’re able to perform better in whatever activities you’re doing. You can maintain your activity level longer, whether simply working out at home or doing strenuous activities, and also experience less fatigue when participating in your regular daily routine.

4. Improve Respiratory Health

Sauna use can help improve respiratory health, especially for those who suffer from allergies and asthma. The steam from sitting the sauna can work to clear the air passages so that you can breathe easier. This can help with short term respiratory issues like colds and the flu. But, it can also promote overall health for those with chronic respiratory problems. The sauna can reduce phlegm so that you can breathe easier. Those who are dealing with stuffy airways may be able to use the sauna before bed so that they can sleep easier without worrying about blocked air passages while trying to rest.

3. Workout Recovery

Using the sauna after a workout can help with muscle recovery. As the tired muscles are warmed efficiently in the sauna, they are able to heal themselves quicker. This helps you get back into your workout routine the next day without worrying about pain and strain from the previous day’s exercise. The sauna helps the muscles eliminate toxins that are released during the workout process. Metabolic wastes are produced during workouts, even more so during extreme workouts, and these wastes can work against the body to limit its ability to heal quickly. When you use the sauna after a workout, the body is better able to recover naturally and you can relax after your workout without worrying about muscle pain.

2. Look and Feel More Youthful

As the skin ages, it starts to look dull and lose elasticity. Using the sauna regularly can actually work to increase the elasticity of the skin on the face and all over the body. Aging skin also accumulates dead skin cells on the surface which leads to a dullness and loss of vibrancy that is associated with youth. The sauna can help the skin increase it’s turnover rate which leads to a return of that youthful and vibrant look. This added benefit of sauna use works for people with advanced aging skin or those with new aging concerns. The sauna also increases blood flow to the surface of the skin which adds to the appearance of youth. Plus, the natural oils in the skin are better able to come to the surface so that skin is naturally moisturized as it was in previous years when you were younger.

1. Weight Loss

One of the main reasons that many people use the sauna is for the weight loss benefits. Whether you’re an athlete who’s looking to drop a few quick pounds before a weigh-in or someone who is looking for a long-term solution to shed extra pounds the sauna can be beneficial.

As you sit in the sauna and your body temperature increases, so does the body’s ability to burn calories more efficiently. You can also quickly lose any water weight that the body is holding onto. The sauna can be an effective method to shed bloat if you’re going on a beach vacation and wish to look slimmer in your bathing suit.

The sauna can be used as an added measure to maintain your desired weight when also used with diet and exercise. Studies have shown that sitting in the sauna for 20 minutes can burn as many as 500 calories.

The sauna has been a commonly used healthcare tool for thousands of years in many different cultures and societies. In some European countries, sauna use is very common among people of all ages. The use of a sauna has also been rising in the United States due to the many different health benefits.

It works well for those who can’t do strenuous workouts but are still looking for an effective method to burn calories. The sauna raises the internal temperature of the body which helps it to burn fat more efficiently. Using the sauna can also be helpful for athletes as it helps them recover from workouts and can also promote pain relief from injury or chronic pain issues.

Sauna usage has shown to benefit the look and feel of the skin, leaving it moisturized and vibrant. Regular use of the sauna can also improve your overall health through increasing your immune system’s capability of fighting disease and infection. The sauna can also benefit the respiratory system and may be helpful for those who suffer from asthma and allergies.

Even if you don’t experience health issues or need pain relief, you can still benefit from the regular use of a sauna. Whether you choose a sauna that has water-based heat or infrared technology, the increase in body temperature can help you relax and promote a way to de-stress at the end of a difficult day.

There are many different types of saunas that you can use at home to provide you with a nice way to spend some time rejuvenating yourself. Some sauna units are very compact and are designed to be folded and stored away when you’re not using them.

These types of units usually have slots for your arms so that you can read or do another enjoyable activity with your hands while you’re sitting in the sauna. For those who wish to enjoy the full sauna experience at home, you may wish to purchase a stand alone sauna unit that you can keep on your deck or other space.

These units can usually hold more than one person so that you can relax with a friend or loved one and fully take advantage of your sauna experience.