Nov 29, 2019 · 3 min read

Meesho Supply Referral Code :- Earn 50% Referral Commission on Each Referrals !

Meesho Referral Code :- Join Meesho Refer and Earn Program using the Meesho Refer codeBFJKPGQ666 . Using this Referral Code you’ll get instant 20% off discount on your First Order. Better to Register on Meesho Supply App,then navigate to Account Section there you’ll see “Refer and Earn” option. Just scroll down a bit and Enter Referral Code.

Meesho Referral Code is an Unique Code of a Meesho Users. By using this Referral Code they can invite people on Meesho to place their orders. In this way, they can earn commission on their Referrals’ orders

What is the Meesho App? — Already a lots of people have written about this app, because of it’s reselling services. What that means? Reselling? Yes, On the Meesho App, you can resell the various products directly to your consumers and can setup an online drop shopping store to earn commission.

How Do You’ll Get the Meesho Referral Code? Where to Put this Meesho Referral Code if I found Somewhere?

To get the Meesho’s Referral Code. You have to download the Meesho App First.Yeah ! It is necessary to do it. Because they have only introduced their Meesho Android App, didn’t launch any Website to directly sign up or sign in to the Meesho. So you’ve download the Meesho Supply App. You can read the steps below.

After this, you have to follow some steps carefully to register on it. After doing this you have to enter meesho referral code, then you have to place your first order on Meesho. Don’t worry, you’ll get some discount on your first order if you are going to use our mentioned referral code.

How Do We Get Meesho Referral Code? Where to Enter Meesho Referral Code?

  • First Download the Meesho App Click on — Download Meesho
  • Enter your Mobile Number & Verify it with OTP.
  • Now Click on the Account Section, there you’ll see “Refer and Earn” option
  • Scroll a bit down, Enter the Referral Code — BFJKPGQ666.
  • You can also copy your Referral Code to share with your Friends.

So in this way, you’ll get your Meesho Referral Code. After getting your referral code you can either copy it or you can directly share it with your friends.

Meesho Referral Code
Meesho Referral Code

Now on the Meesho App, they have introduced Meesho Mega Star Referral Program. Where you can earn 50% commission from your Referrals’ orders. That means, the more you refer people on Meesho App there’ll be more chances to earn more commission.

How To Place Your Order on Meesho?

We have already told you about this. You can read our other posts on Medium as well. So we are only going to talk about Meesho Referral Code. How to get more referrals to earn more referral commissions.


As per their Meesho Mega Star program, you have to refer more people on Meesho App. Like if you have Referred one People then you’ll be regarded as Rising Star, Super Star AND then Mega Star. So refer more people and ask them to place their First Order on Meesho App.

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