In the previous article, I configured a Zipkin proxy for Stackdriver trace to capture trace information from Spring Boot microservices with Spring Cloud Sleuth.

You can run the Zipkin proxy anywhere — in on your local laptop, in your own data center, in a Virtual Machine, or in a container. This article will deploy the Zipkin proxy in Kubernetes (with Google Container Engine) and then deploy the microservices to send trace information to this proxy.

Create a new Kubernetes cluster

First, create a new Kubernetes cluster using Google Container Engine with gcloud SDK:

$ gcloud container clusters create mycluster --scopes default

This will create a…

I spoke at JFokus 2017 and continued to see a lot of interests in Akka. I wanted to learn more about it too. During JFokus speakers unconference, I had a chance to meet Johan Andrén from the Akka team, and Ola Petersson who’s using Akka and Lagom. I took the opportunity to learn Akka from both of them.

Aside from the basics, I was very interested in clustering multiple Akka nodes and seeing how that will work in Kubernetes. Johan, Ola, and I sat down after dinner one evening, and started to work on that. In the end, I was…

The biggest Google Cloud Next event is just weeks away with multiple days and 200+ sessions. I had a chance to review the schedule and below are some of the interesting talks related to APIs, microservices, and container orchestration that I felt interesting. Make sure you double check the schedule if you intend to checkout the sessions.

March 8

11AM: Enabling distributed digital business with API-first architecture — I’m looking forward to learning more about what it means to be API-first and how it impacts businesses.

1PM: Power your Java workloads on Google Cloud Platform — I’m a Java developer myself. I’ve…

Around the year ~2006, I worked at a consulting company and I was assigned as an Integration Solution Architect at a utilities client to implement Service Oriented Architecture. I remember my manager at the time insisted us to develop a framework that will generate a request ID and propagate the same request ID to all of the subsequent service calls. The manager also insisted on logging the service call durations and tying them all back to the same request ID. The goals were to be able to:

  1. Determine a chain of calls in the complicated world of services.
  2. Debug a…

Last Updated: January 12, 2017

You may have heard of or seen the Kubernetes Raspberry Pi cluster. In this post I share everything I learned when I built one myself and demonstrated it live.

Kubernetes Raspberry Pi cluster by Arjen Wassink from Quintor


You can find all the parts you need in Arjen Wassink’s Kubernetes Raspberry Pi Cluster Shopping List.

I highly recommend the ModMyPi stack case listed in Arjen’s shopping list, because the dimensions fit perfectly with the network switch and the USB power hub. I ordered the GeauxRobot Raspberry Pi 2 B 4-layer Dog Bone Stack because it had one-day delivery. …

I travel and attend many conferences around the world. In November, 2015, I spoke about Java-based Microservices with Spring Boot, Containers, and Kubernetes at J-Fall. After my session, I walked around the exhibition hall and saw this on a booth table:

Quintor’s Raspberry Pi Cluster at JFall

I stood there and stared at it for almost an hour. I was mesmerized by the blinking lights, the cables, and how every component fit perfectly. It reminded me of a time when I used to put together computers, networking them together with ancient network software and hardware that looked like this:

Developer Advocates were busy building awesome demos to show at the Ubiquity Dev Summit! In case you missed it, here are four great talks to show you how to build IoT devices to leverage the power of cloud.

Build Quickly: The Making of Cloud Spin on GCP — Bret McGowen
Real-time IoT with Containers and gRPC — Mark Mandel
Building Physical Visualizations for Cloud Services — Brian Dorsey
IoT Prototyping with Node.js and Firebase — Jenny Tong

Julia Ferraioli sat down with Dan Shapiro, founder and CEO of Glowforge, to discuss his company, crowd-funding, start ups, and more.

Julia Ferraioli’s Fireside Chat with Dan Shapiro, CEO of Glowforge

Amy Unruh led a code lab “Processing And Analyzing Real-time Event Streams in the Cloud”. The setup instruction and the lab itself are both online.

I’m a Java developer and I like to use an IDE. Specifically, when I write code, I like to have syntax highlighting, autocompletion/suggestions, and access to developer documentation.

Eclipse IDE for Java — Autocompletion and Documentation

I also started learning to write Go. I’ve written a few things in Go because I like its ability to compile into native code. One utility I wrote was a command line OAuth 2.0 utility that lets you generate offline refresh tokens, and most recently, a Go program that calculates digits of Pi using the Chudnovsky method with Binary Splitting.

OSv Unikernel running Tomcat on Google Compute Engine

This is a short guide on running a unikernel on Google Compute Engine. Here is a good primer on why you should care about unikernels. I used the OSv unikernel because it supports Java and Java is my language of choice. Moreover, the OSv’s image build tool, Capstan, feels similar to Docker so I felt I could get started quickly.

You may have seen the Running OSv on Google Compute Engine guide, but the instructions seem outdated (see issue). The Capstan tool, currently, has issues when building images for Google Compute Engine (see issue). …

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Here is a quick snapshot of what you may have missed during the past month. There were five product General Availability announcements, as well as a bunch of new useful articles from Cloud Developer Advocates!

General Availability Announcements

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