Learning by crafting

Sharing an idea is something already done many many times on Medium and on the Internet in general. That’s why I will do it.

{CodEat} would be a website where every week/month a new idea is posted. Not any kind of idea, a project where you could be able to build a software. Explaining: a way to find a better first project than a fucking “Hello World”. I know that if you’re a developer, you have already been bored by this first chapter “Your first program: Hello World!” where you just have to write

System.out.println(“Hello World!”);

and then you nailed it…

This project posted is like Ludum Dare, when you’ve done this project, you share it to get advice on your code. You would be able to learn a new language and search basic idea posted on the website to train yourself.

That’s all for me today! 
Hope this will help you getting a better idea than me!