It’s hard to quit.

Written: Lun. 27 août

There’s time to say stop — Photo by Isaiah Rustad on Unsplash

Building a product, writing content. Anything that comes from us, that is an extension of us, is really hard to express. All the fear “what if…” can stop us from doing anything at all.

Once you’ve overcome everything: the thinking and extrapolating task, stopped searching competitors as an excuse to give up, here’s the maker part! You finally make a MVP (or a MLP), maybe following the Lean method, and you’re ready to share it. Cool! 👍 But know what? 
You only gets three users (sure you mom is part of them). What to do then? Like, are you going to think “it’s because I haven’t made marketing”, “many features are missing” or “my idea sucks”?

In my opinion, I’ll think the third one, then the second one. However, I’ll never take marketing as an excuse. Simply because you have followers on Twitter, you have platforms to share your product on it. If both doesn’t bring ROI, it’s either your killer feature isn’t here or your idea sucks. BUT, even if an idea sucks, the execution matters: you can sell anything if you can convince the user it’s going to radically change his life.

Let’s take the case where you think your idea sucks or you found a competitor that agrees with your work ethics. Three choices:

  • you stop your product and try to work with your competitors to bring another PoV
  • you continue because of your ego, or you strongly know what you can bring more than your competitor
  • you stop and move on to another awesome idea you have

Personally, the key-point to know if I’m going to stop my product to use a competitor is the UI. As far as I know, I’m bad at designing, I prefer using a competitor if it has all the features I want, plus the awesome UI I wouldn’t be able to bring.

And that’s what happened to me: I was working on a cooking app, I found two competitors that have more-or-less the features I’d like to have, but their UI was bad. My decision was to make a MVP of my app. It went great, many difficulties but learned a lot. 
Then I discovered a new app that had the same features plus the awesome UI. They also have a big user base already. This should’ve been a confirmation for me that there’s a market for this. But why would I make an app almost identical while the UI would’ve been ugly af
That’s when I decided to say stop to my idea as is… but I’m thinking outside of the box, the product will come back otherwhise.

I know how hard it is to say “Stop I have to move on, this project is holding me back” but once you overcome this, don’t look back and smash the future with your ideas! 🙌