Jeu. 6 sept

I spent days on it.. I mean, I spent days thinking of it and hours working on it

This text is part of a journaling process I used to try, it’s been a really cool experience and recommend it to everybody. You’ll find yourself finding time to write about something, maybe sometimes useless but who cares? I found myself making many writing/grammar mistakes and I’m working on it now.

Always be a volunteer to help someone when you have the power to do it— Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Let’s be honest, I’m way more productive when starting the project or when someone asked me something. When I start a project, y’all know how it is: the excitement of starting something new, learning, discovering, trying… From the other side, when someone asks you something or needs help, you do everything you can to be productive and help this somone.

Well, in my case I wanted to help someone because his idea was really dope and remembered one I had earlier. It was a great opportunity: help someone test his idea and build a part of the one I had few years ago but never built.

This is why I made Speetch. It’s some kind of platform letting you share audio available right in your Twitter timeline. It’s true, code is dirty. It’s true, it doesn’t work as expected. Not at all. F*ck all these encoders.

Speetch has been made on Glitch because it’s the quickest mean to start a project self-hosted and get the stack up and running. It’s not the first time I build something using Glitch. I love the ease of use but there’s some cons: storage is limited, instance sleeps after a while and above all the editor isn’t as powerful as a real one. No auto-complete, indentation & auto-tag (</> auto closing) are weird.

The fact is I learned a lot through this project: from helping someone to learning new technologies and APIs, only pros and no cons. Isn’t what we’re supposed to, Learn & Help?