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Doubts over happiness

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Well! You have overcome the procrastination part and are ready for crafting something. Yaay! 👏

First, if you don’t know what type of MVP to do, think that less is more: remember it takes you time to overcome procrastination, don’t go back there!

There are many many tools available outside to help you build something cooler than Facebook (or its server).
This is not the topic of the article but here are some advices you may find useful:

  • Build a landing page — fake it ’til you make it — to get email adressess
  • Make a video, a spreadsheet, a group or even a website
  • Use viral loop on social media: “Tag a person who might love it!” as if it is a contest
  • Another viral loop is for a waiting list: “Send this referral link to your closest friends to be the first to use the product!”
  • If you’re kinda influent, you can do “leave me your email address, you will be able to tweet something on my Twitter account in return”

Here’s a true case for an e-commerce: you can build a fake shop, the UX is normal until the payment checkout where you say “Oh sadly we are not open yet, leave your email address so that we can invite you to the launch with a special promo code!”

Here we are! Finally, your MVP is done, ready for user acquisition. You launch and… 😱😱

No, it doesn’t! You made a MVP which stands for Minimum Viable Product, kinda an early beta. Users come for the value-proposition, your own killer-feature. If it looks ugly, it must be simple to use.

Well, maybe there is. If you didn’t find it when you searched for them then they suck af. What you have better than them is the SEO (you know, the thing to be listed first on Google and others), use it as an advantage to be the first!

It might be true. No kidding. I’m in the same shit as you for this point but know what? The thing is that you have to be patient, to keep working on your product and doing some marketing (you can do marketing for free, just be smart — not a troll — when you do it).

I understand you, we’re in the same shit — again. One point where we might be different: I ship different ideas more often.

Advice from @levelsio — Founder of Nomad List

Please tell me you are kidding? Yes, they might be faster. Yes, they can steal your product. Just ask yourself why? Do you know that Reddit — Top 5 most visited website in the world — is open-source? That means you can start you own Reddit platform when you want. Why has no one done this? First, they are the king at this game, they know their shit and they know where they want to go. And above all, they trust in the power of community. 🤓

Finally, here’s what I want to share with you:

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It’s all about ROI — Gary Vaynerchuk

One must give in order to receive.

I would like to thank Andre Thomas for proofreading this article.
Hope you enjoyed it, if so feel free to react below!

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