Mar. 21 août

The day is going by too fast.

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

That’s my current thought, I didn’t make even half of what I planned. Is it related to procrastination (sure it’s part of the equation) or is it related to the fact that a day hasn’t enough hour (that’s the excuse)?

Yesterday, I decided that I would work again on my other project to keep the motivation for both. I thought that, maybe with a different framework, I would be far more productive. Know what? It’s the same thing. Not because motivation passed away but because I’m not organized these days. Isn’t what holidays are for, entertain? I mean, I always took holidays as free time to finally make what I always wanted to craft without other pain.

What I discovered is really interesting! And that’s not clickbait.. I learned many things these couple past holidays about organization and productivity. I discovered I’m way more productive by night, at the end of the day, rather than during daytime. When you have something in your day you can’t avoid, like school or work, you feel like “if I hadn’t this boring thing, I’d currenlty be working on the next unicorn”. BUT, when you have holidays, you feel like “today I finally have all the time I want to build what I always wanted”. Here we are.

The dilemma

When you have no time, you are far more productive from the two hours window you have between end of work and evening routine. However, when you have all the time you want, you enjoy life and procrastination. Of course, you have way more time to work, but also way more time to entertain. And you make your choice.

As I am way more productive two hours a day and doing something else apart, I’ll probably continue to act as if I had this constraining thing. Because I rather prefer being really productive two hours a day instead of doing really nothing the whole day. And that’s not related to any digital addiction this time.