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How I keep progressing by sharing

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Like almost everybody on earth, I have ideas. Most of the times, at the worst moment of the day. You know, the moment you’re busy and you can’t write it anywhere. Not even on your phone or a paper, so you try to remember it until I write it somewhere.

In fact, I’m lying…. I can use my phone or my computer to write it somewhere but there’s a key point here: if I go to my todo-list service (I use 4 different ways), I’m going to start procrastinating on what I’m currently working on. Probably you’re on the same case here, you don’t update your task list for a while so when you go there you add tasks, edit ones, tick them…

Analytics make you addict, so do todo-list

To avoid this addiction, I use 4 different apps.

The first one is a personal todo-list where I write all my ideas in details. I put links and books to read, movies and videos to watch, mails to answer. As you understand, it’s really tough to do all these things so I put only non-work related things.

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My personal todo-list with detailed ideas

The second one is Notes app. This one is underestimated. I don’t have tons of notes, only three but they’re really organized. They contains product ideas I write on-the-go and then I take time to think about them. They also contains things to do but not related to me directly. These notes are updated daily however that doesn’t mean everything can be ticked as done.

The third one is Trello, well-known. I have one board per current project plus one about personal year goals evolution. They contains detailed tasks to do, each one is detailed, that means even the algorithm is ready most of the time and is waiting to be implemented.

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A board per product

The last one is Makers from Product Hunt. I use it as a gathered todolist. All my most important tasks are on it. The fact is, todo list services are missing some key features that Makers has: the social part is really awesome, we work together, we go further together, we support each other. Sometimes you’re low “is my shit going to be useful?”, and when you’re low, there’s nothing better than somebody saying you he would love to use your product or help you in any way he can. Moreover, they gamify tasks: you want to be the most helpful, add more goals and complete more of them every week!

Emotional boost each week in your inbox

Avoiding the fear of sharing

Now you know how I organize myself, you may think « I will only use private tasklist because if I share my projects someone will steal them from me ». And you’re totally wrong! If you keep all your goals private, what will help you keep hard working? If it’s a product idea, where will you find your early adopters and feedback?

That doesn’t mean I put everything on Makers because I won’t do every single task I add to any of my other tasklist service. I use Makers as a summary of what I find the most useful.

And in the worst case, if someone steal your goal… now what?

You can still do it your way, you can work with this guy/gals. See the good part: you have less work to do, enjoy working on something else 😇

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Friendly atmosphere on Makers, nothing to fear ✌️

Most of the time, Makers and the Product Hunt community in general is freaking friendly! That means you can share you goals without fearing anything, it’s even the opposite: you will make connections, friendly ones.

That’s how I organize myself when comes time to work. I hope to hear more from you and how you do, and maybe see you on Product Hunt 😽

You can join us here to request an access to Makers.

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