Twitter is a really powerful tool to communicate, but it is outdated

I’m so happy to live in an era where we can reach someone on the other side of the earth.

Gap between laws and reality — Photo by Tom Butler on Unsplash

Last month, Twitter suspended my account because I was too young back when I created it. They’re right, I was 11 when I should have been 13. Laws are good to protect children but not for helping them grow quicker to know the world. Is this my mistake to be too young when I made my account? My mistake to see way bigger than I should have at 11? No. That’s why I tried to recover my account but the Twitter Support didn’t agree. They “couldn’t verify my identity” even with all legal documents.

I made a new account because Twitter is the most powerful tool to reach people everywhere on earth. By rebooting my account I told myself “it’ll be easy, I know accounts I want to follow and those who followed me, I’ll recover some currency”. Know what? It’s way harder than I thought!

Twitter has algorithms preventing new users to have the currency they should have. Not their fault, so many bots ruined Twitter experience they took the necessary measures. So I had to act like a human but instead of 7 years, I had 7 days to remember most of the people I know and even new ones. I’m happy I haven’t lost so many connections, maybe they are the reason I haven’t been identified as a spammer?

However, I’m glad to restart the Twitter game. Know why? It’s time to create relationships, see a new world. In fact, rebooting, starting over, is the best thing that can happen in life. Hope you’ll face something similar without taking this as a failure ❤️

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