Supercharge JavaScript development in Atom

apm install atom-beautify

apm install atom-ternjs

Autocompletion provided by TernJS

apm install auto-detect-indentation

apm install auto-update-packages

apm install autocomplete-modules

Auto-complete for Node modules

apm install docblockr

Docblockr with JsDoc

apm install editorconfig

Configuration for EditorConfig

apm install git-projects

GIT Projects

apm install language-babel

ES201x with Babel

apm install linter-eslint

apm install linter-flow

apm install nuclide

Autocompletion powered by Flow

apm install open-recent

apm install react

apm install sync-settings

apm install term3

apm install todo-show

apm install pigments

Pigments color highlights

apm install tool-bar

Toolbar with Shortcuts



Front-end developer. React Native Core Contributor. Codes JavaScript at night. Crazy for Tacos. Comic book fanatic. DC fan. Introvert. Works at @Callstackio

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