My Dream products #1 Audio Mag V0.01

My day consists of at least an hour of drive to office and traffic jams are just a norm. I subscribe to a lot of articles in multiple channels (Twitter/FB/LinkedIn & Now medium) and have to dabble between different apps to go through them all and end up finding articles repeated. This costs me an extra hour from my busy schedule. However those 2 hours of my life, driving, are dead hours with my hands tied and attention used up in muted abuses to idiots on road(#BangaloreTraffic).

I wish I could make use of those dead hours of my life, listening to all those articles instead of music (sorry not so much of a musical person here), while someone (application) makes sure that I don’t listen to same article twice unless asked for. I should be able to start, stop, pace the read, tag into categories, mark for deep dive later, share with fellow friends all by voice. While I listen to articles, I should be able to prioritize articles to be shown to me and the system improves my list by suggesting articles read by people with similar interest (Quite a hygiene requirement these days). I should be even able to get articles offline so that I don’t have to worry about losing connection. Just plug and play.

If such a system exists it would solve two problems at once. First how do I make those long drive or even bus travel or metro ride which neither has ample space for you to pick out neither your smartphone nor the stability to operate them. Second how do I make sure I get all my dosage of information from multiple channels without dabbling through multiple apps ( FB/Twitter/Feedly or any other RSS feed reader) without consuming much of my productive time.

What I think would be a good system

My thoughts: of course an APP/ or plugin to a browser for a cloud based service which integrates to multiple channel sources; Facebook Newsfeed, Twitter feed and any other RSS feeds; pull content, filter redundant articles and keep them offline for you. The App’s inbuilt text reader, reads out articles to me with voice commands to control and pace the reading. I can even tag into categories, mark for deep dive later, share with fellow friends all by voice. I just has to have downloaded the APP and configure article sources and I am ready. Just plug and play. App should even have Bluetooth integration to integrate into my car audios system. APP will intelligently prioritize articles and even recommend articles from other sources. I should also have a central news feed with all the articles for times when your hands are free and you have time to spare.

#And Pigs could fly. :P

P.S: Shoot your responses with live products if any/suggestions. I will include them and lets see where the Audio Mag goes. My first post , hence any all inputs are welcome :)