Drushyam — a tale of a hero with high EQ

I wasn’t a fan of hero or other characters potrayal in Bahubali, as you can see from my review here https://medium.com/@satyajit/baahubhali-2-a-story-of-communication-gaps-5dd746250135

But let me tell you about a movie that I liked in which the protagonist is hero in my book and his character and the overall Emotional intelligence exhibited by him. Great story telling and authentic action by all actors are a cherry on top.

Drushyam was an original kannada movie, copied to telugu and then to hindi all remaining true to the original story. The protagonist in this is a small town, uneducated cable operator that exhibits surreal self-awareness, coaches his family and executes a great plan which involves tens of other parties all the while having a grip over his emotions. Unlike Bahubali, this guy doesn’t have god given supernatural strength but he is able to stay alive and keep his family alive.

If you understand any of these languages I would highly recommend this movie. With that spoilers below….

After finding about the killing from his wife and daughter, protagonist is clearly shaken but soon his self-awareness kicks in: he finds out that he is acting shaken and weird. He becomes quite aware of his emotions and if it continues police would easily sniff them out.

His self-management skills are shown when he is able to recover and formulates a plan. Even when more evidence: car and cellphone shows up, he is only a little bit disturbed but he disposes of it with cleverness and tact.

Then he tackles his family, he is keenly aware of their emotional state and projects his calmness on to them. He is socially aware and was able to modulate even a childs anxiety in such a situation. For them to have a chance of surviving they need to create a story and on top of it all they have to be aware that police in India are brutal and don’t follow legal processes.

Then comes the masterstroke of his plan where he creates exploits human psychology to remember interactions over facts and the powerful story telling to convince quite a few people of his alternative reality. He was able to form a personal connection with all of them, a common ground and was able to weave his story in. This is excellent relationship management.

If the protagonist was not calm and couldn’t exhibit these Emotional intelligent traits, his plot wouldn’t have work.

So there you go, this movie stands in my list of favorite movies.