Honest recap of the mobileiotcon 2017

Following is my review of https://mobiledevtest.techwell.com

Who do I recommend it to: Testers with less than 1–2 years in tech trying to become technical or entering mobile. First time mobile dev/test conference visitors.

Conference venue and location: After choosing a location it seemed to me that Techwell wouldn’t change it. So while I enjoyed the Sandiego location and weather, it got bit boring after two times and I crave a change in scenery.

Keynotes: Easily favorite aspect of this conference. I would rate @griotspeak talk on Assumption in software best for content, delivery and presentation .

He chose an open ended topic, made me think, gave audience laughs, great action, self deprecation and some deep observations.

Dona Sarkar’s keynote set the tone and content and delivery were great. Though I don’t agree with some of the conclusions she was drawing and the self promotion, most of attendees loved that keynote.

@RealAlanCrouch was at the end of the conference and I am glad I stayed for it. I thought I am pretty versed in Android testing and rooting devices is only for 2% of the population and he shattered those assumptions. He gave good reasons for rooting devices and why from a company’s standpoint testing rooted devices is important.

Dev sessions/test sessions: There are 4 parallel tracks mobile dev, mobile test, IoT dev, IoT test and I split between mobile dev and test, so I can’t speak to the quality of IOT sessions. But inevitably there were talks that conflicted with the ones that I really wanted to be there, see videos would have helped.

Concurrent sessions: Perhaps I am jaded or I have been in this field long enough that I really didn’t learn much from these. Most of them seemed pretty rudimentary or making generalizations that weren’t applicable for me.

The 1:1 time with speakers was very good though because all of them seemed vested in gaining knowledge and interested to share and collaborate. I also learned that best speakers are prepared and took their time with delivery and were able to connect with the audience.

Vendors/expo: You’ve seen them and you’ve them all. Its was nice to catch up and say hi to some people that you already know and worked with but I still see snake oil selling vendors promising to end all testing/automation troubles with record and playback tools.


  1. Have a way to watch these talks offline or at a later time
  2. Different location (Seattle?)
  3. More technical talks

So in conclusion, would I come again yes to meet and network with speakers and attendees but I would really like to see a different location and level up in sessions.

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