'Paperback' is back!

On this very special episode we talk about our journey hosting 'Paperback', and how coversations with authors brought to our notice the issues that they face in the Publishing Industry, as it exists today.

Our conversations turned into learnings when we launched our own publishing house, and to that effect we have launched Publishing Infinity, a new age, digital first, publishing house, where we publish dynamic and interactive e-books called 'PI Books'.

We discuss how we are different from traditional publishers.

- Offer Royalty starting from 30% (goes upto 70% for 'Pi Books')
- Sales Reports every…

Historically, the entertainment industry has had a very deep connection with the merchandising industry, one often feeding the others exponential growth. In some cases, as I will demonstrate below, the revenue from the merchandising side of the property, has outdone the revenue from the total worldwide film’s earnings.

We find many instances of different forms of media being converted into major feature films and all the additional revenue streams associated with the same property.

Consider the below examples

  1. Book — Video Game — Merchandise — TV Show — Movies


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Bravery or courage is defined as

the ability to do something that frightens one; bravery.

“she called on all her courage to face the ordeal”

strength in the face of pain or grief.

“he fought his illness with great courage”

On a recent episode of ‘Paperback by The Open Library Project’ we had Gyan Nagpal, Author of Future Ready Organisation, How Dynamic Management Is Reshaping The Modern Workplace, as a guest.

Gyan spoke about how for transformation to happen, ‘letting go’ is the first and most essential step. Giving examples of M. K. Gandhi needing to let go…

To TRUST, or to ANTI-Trust?

Colonised by our own data!

In July of 2019, the CEO’s of four of the biggest tech firms in the world, Google (Sundar Pichai), Amazon (Jeff Bezos), Apple (Tim Cook) & Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) were called to testify before the United States congress. These companies are accused of being too big and using unfair practices that crush competition to grow to this stage, and being monopolistic in nature.

Heres a great video from CNBC that takes us through AntiTrust as well as its history in the United States.

As a business owner who sells…

Life is a progression of the choices that we make. Each decision, each choice leads us in a specific direction. The logic by which we choose to make these decisions, is the reasoning that will dictate the path that our life takes eventually.

My life has been a culminative progression of making the ‘WRONG’ choice. In my early years I was trained to be a musician (tabla), so for the longest time my artistic instinct was the driving force behind my decisions. As most artists will tell you, an artist’s creative drive comes from internal and external conflict in and…

We started our journey at EGK FOODS by bootstrapping the first few months, initially out of my house kitchen. At the first two exhibitions that we participated in, we had a direct competitor which had exactly the same product as ours. The two stalls were almost next to each other and we probably got many of the same leads. I didn’t see my counterpart at the next few exhibitions so I assumed they got enough business to start operations on a much larger scale. A couple of months later while we were cold calling to follow up on dead leads…


Connectivity. Communication. Information Access.


We live in a world of unprecedented connectivity. Each and every day we are more connected as a species. It has been taken for granted so quickly, our ability to connect, communicate and share our thoughts, feelings and moments with anyone across the world. 30 years ago this was not possible.

To connect with people used to take a lot of time. Letters, telegram, fax, telephone, we’ve progressed a long way. To connect with people now we have amazing technology like email, messaging, video calling and soon virtual environments. …

Satyajit Roy

Storyteller, Entrepreneur, Podcast Host

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