Impact Of Hair Transplant On The Life

I had hair transplant last year, oh gosh, how even mild hairs can create the difference. Considering my past life having high forehead, particularly if my hair was drawn backside. But growing as a teenager, my hair was thinning at the front. By the time, I had this side sweep extending so I thought to make my hair look thicker with product and great style.

Up to as much I can remember, I tried to prepare my scalp with full of hair. I tried shampoo, dry clay to thick my hair — instead adding brightness, it further dried my hairs. I also used medicines to improve thickness and to keep the hair I had, you can say I have done it all. Thickness is single factor, growing hair back appeared infeasible.

Hair Transplant Procedure

I came to know that Hair Transplant in Canada has a vast success rate and that a consultation was essential to evaluate how much hair has been lost now, however also signifies future loss. It was obvious that front section of my head that required treatment however with consultation. I found hair thinning on the top of the scalp, making a crown and that a temple part had lost several hairs.

We should observe our hair growth sharply. When I treated the front part to improve my hairline, over the time, I have noticed visible changes in my scalp on the top of the head.

Major Tip

You should observe about major hair loss later, what would seem, rather you may have this appearing new hair at the front of your head however later in life experience thinning or no hair at the top and back side of head. It is preferred to get the treatment of hair loss all in one procedure to prevent balding patches appearing the track.

Determining that my donor area was fit and become able to sufficient follicles transplanted, I agreed for transplant.


Without any specific case, I was to create 3000 skin grafts at the front, sides and scattered by the head middle with 4500 follicles hair transplanted. The follicles are received from the head backside, where an incision requires to be made for receiving the count of follicles.

I chose almost 4,000 grafts, it was a major incision, however truly, I was thinking about how beautiful my head look would appear, I didn’t think about the possible scars that would be left. This procedure is named FUT as follicular unit transplantation, also called as the Strip Method, as the way the follicles are eradicated in the strip, from the donor area. This procedure is selected one at Man Cave/ Martinick Hair as of the good survival rate of every follicle after transplant.

Honestly speaking, I was looking for easier and pain-free treatment and wanted my new hairs very badly that I could do anything to get thick hairs. Hair transplant had totally changed my look and covered bald areas. Now I am happier than ever.

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