Who can go For Hair Transplant Surgery?

In general, the major constraint on both men and women are the medical reasons leaving other factors constant. Men and women undergoing HIV treatment and high diabetes or other treatments as may be told by the doctor should not have this procedure. Things that can make you a good candidate for a hair transplant surgery are;

The successful results of hair transplant surgeries depend on whether we are suitable candidates or not and how our surgeons perform their work.

One without any medical treatment constraint can make a good candidate. Before undergoing this procedure, you have to inquire from your doctor if at all you are under treatment for whatever case may be. The amount and kind of hair that you still have on your head will determine. You have to first consult a surgeon for this since you have to provide grafts to be used in the procedure.

The nature and condition of your scalp. In this the specialist will examine it and tell you whether you are a good candidate or not since that’s where the procedure is performed. The extent of the bald. Men who have been facing this problem for so long and it has stabilized can go for a hair transplant Men and women who have lost their hair due to trauma can make good candidates.

The amount of hair in the donor areas can also be considered for a hair surgery.

Men and women who have undergone a number of cosmetic procedures and they lost their hair due to them for example face lifts can also make good candidates. Changes in diet but the hair loss problem is persistent and when you are in good health then only you can make a good candidate

Failure of other alternatives for example non-surgical treatments, use of different shampoos and local treatments Hair transplant surgeries are available and a free opportunity for all but the results depend on us if we are good candidates. To get this treatment, hair transplant in Calgary is the best option that you have. Consult your doctor and the hair specialist before having this procedure done.