What is Meditation — The Basic Definition

Meditation is a state of being arrived at through understanding. Meditation does not need techniques, but requires intelligence as well as dedication. It is all about understanding the subtle workings of the subconscious mind.

  • The only way to know what meditation truly is starts with experiencing the silence that one can achieve through meditation.
  • Meditation is a state of no-mind. Mind is not the medium to meditate because mind perpetuates itself, leading to distraction and anxiety if unchecked.
  • To meditate, you need a peaceful and calm mind. You will have to detach yourself from your mind to experience meditation. This requires practice and dedication to achieve fruition.
  • The true state of meditation realizes “I am not the mind”.
  • Through meditation, you can experience the beautiful moments of life such as silence, pure space, transparency, stillness, etc.
  • During meditation, you can experience yourself as you truly are instead of how you perceive yourself to be, and the mystery that lies at the core of our existence.
  • Mediation is the natural state of every being. Mind is unnatural. It is never in the absolute or the natural state. This natural state is similar to a lost paradise. However, it is possible to bring this paradise of in-the-moment consciousness back by practicing meditation.

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Originally published at learnmeditationforbeginners.wordpress.com on November 19, 2016.

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