Git : to the rescue

Git is a version control system. For example, if you have a file on which you’ve been working on and reworking for a long time, all the versions of it are saved in Git, and you can easily get back to every version. A team of people can have their own copy of code to work with which can be merged when needed.

Why use git?

  1. Git keeps old versions for you if some developer did any mistake in code then you’ll always have previous version to fix it
  2. Multiple developers can work together, once they write code in their local machine and commit it then other developers can pull it easily.
  3. Large developers community and online websites to upload your source codes or get others source codes to make your work easier

Resources to learn :

Try Git : An interactive introduction course on Git. If you study it closely and thoroughly you’ll know enough to perform usual tasks.

Learn Git On Youtube.

  1. Git tracks state, history and integrate of the source tree
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