Mr. Traveller

“Life is not meant to be caged in your hometown,or anywhere in this world,but it should be a wondrous place to be explored.It should be left free to roam and expore . I must explore each part of these nooks and crannies of this world, every mountains, every valleys, every corner of this mysterious world that nests within itself thousands of secrets ,thousands of mouth wide opening sceneries. It has been a long time dream of mine and as I set out to do this, I realize that this must be what it feels like to be a baby bird, perched on the edge of its nest, ready and anxious to fly to other places, explore the vast universe that stands ahead of her, every tree, every fruit, every danger, every friend. I sometimes pity humans not to be able to migrate the same way animals can. There are no boundaries for animals, except what they are incapable of doing for themselves. Humans seem to be the only creatures that say they live freely, but they are far from the restrictions they place for themselves. We are not just bound to our work, but to our homes, to our families, to our goals, our dreams. We do not roam. We live in a small, isolated location; a cage perhaps would best to describe it. We have an area for business and we have an area we eat the same foods and meet the same types of people. This area has turned into a cage for me, but like a lion in the zoo, I crave the freedom of standing on the rock and looking down at the kingdom below me. I want to see the birds flying, the elephants bathing happily in their watering hole and the gazelles running freely. That is the freedom which man was granted, and I am about to capture it by chasing my dreams across the horizon.”