What being independent means to me?

Today is 15th august, the day when India-”the Golden Bird”, attained freedom from the clutches of oppressive British rule.

it’s been 70 years since India got the tag of being independent, but is it so?

yes, we are independent. we are no longer slaves of any external power, but still we are the slave of internal powers, namely our politician, our soceity, and above all, our own self.

First problem is politics corruption and vote bank.

we live in a nation where we are governed by a set of political parties who tend to decide the course of our nation. these political leaders are just immersed in politics drama, and all they care for is wealth and power. India is still under the clutches of corruption and communal violence.

we tend to pledge-”all indians are our brother and sisters”, then why there is none when some goons thrash the innocent and people just stare at the scene like statues? why do they forget their pledges?

why our political leaders cantt work in unison for the development of India rather than adding fuel to fire and rising communal violence.

why do people like Rahul gandhi and some congress and other part peoples disrupt the assembly just for the cause that their supreme leaders are being convicted for forgery or corruption? these people are a shame on the name of politics. they have only one work, to differentiate people based on caste and religion and improve their vote bank.

next problem is terrorism.

terrorism is increasing like a forest fire, with several of indian citizens being desperate to join organizations like ISIS and other such. why can;t these people live and work for their nation, for its development, for it’s harmony, for it’s security?

third is our system.

our system is made in such a way that it favours the criminal and harass the victim. when a women is sexually assaulted, the police despite being too quick to grab the victim are more interested in asking vulgar questions from the victim, in process, harassing the victim emotionally, and as a result thousands of cases go unnoticed where the victim commits suicide or is socially isolated.

our system is so weak, that people don’t come forward to help someone fearing the police investigation. why is it such?

next and main problem is our soceity.

I want to be an engineer, i want to be a doctor, i want to be a footballer, to be a fashion designer etc., but how many get to live their dreams?

“you cant do this”, has killed thousands of people emotionally and mentally than any disease.

y can’t i do this? y can’t i take risk? y can’t i live the way i want? , and the soceity goes blank. y is India still a marks driven nation? why in india, students life direction is decided based on the marks he gets in 12th or y does getting into IIT is such a measure of social status?

we tend to donate crores of rupees to temples. y dont these donators take a look into the slum areas, where thousands of intelligent minds, out future doctors, engineers, footballer, olympics-winner are starving out of death. where people are ready to kill people for food and some money?

why is hundreds of litres of milk wasted by dropping it on the “SHIVLING”, which makes it’s way into the drains, and not given to hundreds of children whose mother lies rice water as milk to their children.

why ?????

india is free, just from external powers, unless and untill these problems aren’t taken into notice and solved, WE still would be clutched in chains of communal voilence, religion, suicide, murders, rape.

for me being independent means to make my own choices, life the way i want, explore my dreams, my interests, take risks in life, do something for my nation, shut the fucking vices of the soceity outside and live life my way.

— satyam singh