Hi Satyaprem
Winder Hughes

Hi Winder,

We launched it on Web & Wap, and will soon will be on Android and then iOS app. (India has lower iOS consumers, and hence the delay in taking up the cost).

Our mission is “Bringing people together around their common interests”, and the first “method of communication “ we have used is showcase (write a post — with image/gif/video) — and it will reach all people following that Node (Interest).

  • But we have couple of more methods of communication — that we will launch over a period of time.
  • And have plans to build more use cases to — “increase the value of the network — by building features — where in brands, businesses who want to reach the interest centric audience can get in touch with them, and hence the total stickiness doesnt depend on just the content from other people who have similar interests. (Ex — Linkedin is not used just to share posts, but to also find Jobs majorly, which is why people update profile regularly)

Would love to catch Relevnt, when you launch. Pls put me on the list :-) Satyaprem@nojoto.com (Skype: Satyaprem3)

Lets connect and see if we can help each other with any use cases, or any other form of synergy.