Be wise on the Internet

All those insane people whom I found on the internet sharing stupid forwarded stuff are an inspiration to write this article.

I would like to start this article quoting a line said by American President Mr.Barack Obama. He once said “Even a dog can fool you on the internet”. Yes it is hundred percent true and we have to be wise to not get fooled.

If you are also an user of at least one among the several social media platforms, you may also have encountered with these stupid random forwards. I don’t know and actually sometimes I wonder how people spend their precious time on creating random hoaxes. For a second, leave behind those people who create those stuff, what about all those people who share those texts, messages and posts, who are actually helping them reach more and more people.

Facebook, the social networking giant is not any exception, in fact it stood in the front row I guess. We find many hoax posts and messages in Facebook being shared by many people. The hoaxes range from funny, stupid, idiotic,to the bizarre and dangerous ones at times. WhatsApp groups are completely filled with such kind of stuff.

Why aren’t people just making an effort of using their mind, at least common sense, in case they don’t have intelligence before they share random stupid stuff?

In fact as mentioned in them, these spam messages and posts are not going to be useful to anyone or not benefiting to anyone.

It may not possible to stop spam messages soon and I am not hoping or looking forward to that. All I wish and hope is to see more wise people on the internet who put in their brains and think a while before forwarding anything and spreading to the rest of the world.