When Node.js met Android, certainly irresistible!

For all the Android developers out there, it comes out as natural from anyone intermediate to understand the basic concepts of Java and get the zest out of it in implementing some cool stuff around. Well, what really fascinates you to get going? Is it the cool UI that you get to implement, some great animations in your app or the ultimate Android development experience that comes off with RxJava, Retrofit, MVP and what not! ;)

Andro Coffee bean looks skeptical about going with Node : Don’t worry champ! We’ll get you both going.

Either way, Node.js development was supposed to happen. I had not been really a fan of JavaScript(JS) until node.js happened. So, even never bothered about getting much insight into JS. Just all that Android geek ;)

How Node? : “When came reactive programming into being”

I could not spare myself when it was for all the hardcore stuff that an Android developer always craves in for building great apps. This quest started it all that ever had to happen!

Horror Story: First, it goes easy here. 8 months back, I was a little kid getting well versed with building some great ui/ux android apps working with Google Apis, AWS, ..etc. I was in AIR! …….Until my life blew away with that huge android project (PS: since i was a kid back then :p), which had some 16 Database Table classes, nearly 65 Presenter classes (no logic in the activity classes),around 30 Parcelable model classes, dagger injection classes…retrofit…and the list goes on! None of it made sense, with the architecture used. It was after a month that I realized it was MVP, and I was in love.

For all the newbies, don’t worry! you’re gonna get it easier than me ;) I was just too scared :p
Ohh! He’ll be just fine. Don’t worry

The next big thing that had to jump in, was RxJava and RxAndroid. Much love! That’s where reactive programming comes into being. For the ones who still haven’t yet discovered their love — go ahead.

For all those who are still wondering to build an ola, uber kinda business-efficient apps!, Just dive into the sea of reactive programming with android aka RxJava and RxAndroid as one of your first steps.

The asynchronous power of RxJava to handle stuff gave a worth for thought of the non-blocking, event driven Node.js to handle stuff asynchronously at the server-side. Well, of-course, front-end and back-end go hand in hand!

Less Code, much logic! Fast, scalable! Data-intensive handling now goes at ease, unlike …Just hate PHP.

Wow! So much to offer..

It could even be thought of a refreshing escape from the hard-end old coding style of Java to some friendly backend development environment. Whatever, I don’t mind! even though we are used to using Java now :P

So then, all you needed was another big project to build and start off brushing up your Node.js skills ;)

All you have to do always, is to get started!

PS: I was so excited to get my first blog before you all! :D

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