Yes. That’s right, GTFO Blaze. Adopt a Library that embraces Component driven development, that has a lot of mindshare around it, and built by passionate UI engineers.
10 tips to get off the Meteor
Abhi Aiyer

I really disagree.

1st Blaze is now community driven by passionate engineers and there’s a lot of mindshare going on.

2nd, using Blaze with Viewmodel (also community driven) really makes Blaze better and is an awesome alternative to Vue, React, etc.

(Ps there’s Viewmodel for React as well, simplifying React a lot)

3rd, there is really nothing stopping you from using Blaze in a more component driven way. You can actually pass on props and state to child templates just like React. Sure, your html, js and css are in 3 separate files, but that could actually be an advantage if you’re still doing coffee or jade.

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