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The small tour group exploring the beautiful forest

I was recently introduced to the book, The Hidden Life of Trees, by a friend of mine. Recommending it, Bijoy said, “The author talks about this forest, somewhere close to you.”

“Close to me?” I had to Google it. Lo and behold! The book is based on the beech forests in the Eifel area of Germany, where I live. This was a forested area that I was planning on visiting for some years.

Reading about the forest, the book’s author Peter Wohlleben, and how he started his journey of understanding trees, was really interesting. It was a relatable story of how so many things work in Germany — something absolutely fascinating and remarkable being done in a completely nondescript little town. …

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Photo by Marco López on Unsplash

Recently during one of my many video chats with my friends, we got into a long discussion about travel post COVID-19 times. (If there anything called ‘post’ COVID-19).

Despite our ‘fernweh’ (Fernweh” is a German word for “farsickness,” the opposite of homesickness. …

It’s now almost a month since most of us are working from home/sheltered in place. It’s such a phenomenal experience. In many ways it was inclusive and in so many ways laid bare the disparities in the society. I hope this is a once in a lifetime experience.

There is nothing normal about:

  • Children not attending school or being able to visit and spend time with their grandparents
  • People not being able to meet families even while they were very sick
  • Not being able to take a flight even in dire situations
  • The EU that tries so hard to keep its borders open is compelled to close…


Satya Viswanathan

Product manager/Designer, Design Thinking coach, Circular Economy champion, Moderator, Facilitator, Writer, Traveller, Experimental cook, Plant lover…

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