Afternoon Rain

Afternoon rains are interesting. They are usually observed during spring and summer afternoons.

It’s beautiful when they arrive. The anticipation of rain they offer is particularly invigorating. The clouds come out and rumble to warn you about the showers. There’s an occasional flash or two. The air starts to cool down. There is a blissful silence.

It slowly begins to rain.

Some people start walking faster to find a shade as thick drops start making toothed circles on the ground. Unlike them, some may walk into the rain. For rain lovers, the drops greeting their body, the petrichor and the much-needed respite from the heat is a blessing.

When a peeking sun and a lenient cloud help, a rainbow presents itself to the lucky beholder.

But then it stops. This pleasure is short-lived.

And when it stops, the sun comes up. It gets hot again and the heat combined with moisture suffocates you. There is this sudden discomfort. You miss the rain. You may even wish it didn’t rain.

I once met a girl. She was like them afternoon rains.

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