How I spoil them mornings (How you shouldn’t)

You are walking in a parking lot. There’s a car beeping somewhere nearby without blinking its lights. The sound disturbs you. You want it to stop. You roam around searching for the car. The few times when you feel like you have found it, you come to realize its an echo and the sound is actually from a distant corner.

You are sitting in a car. There’s music playing. You would like it to stop. You begin searching for the source of the sound. Stereo? No. Glovebox? Nope. Backseat? Nopey nope. The floor? Fuck no. It’s the trunk. Naha.

Sometimes it’s a piano in an abandoned house. It sounds good but you are not really in the mood. Find the piano and shut it down. Search. Search for the piano. Run around the house in vain.

The source always is elusive. You seldom find it. But the sound is everywhere. In your head. May be in your bed.

We often wake up when the frustration disturbs our sleep and find an alarm ringing.

This is so not the way we should wake up in the mornings.

Learning to wake up at the right time without an alarm is an underrated life skill. Fuck.