Fear Factor

What if the things do not work as we want. Even if we have done everything correctly, logically, still it happens. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. That feeling of failure and embarrassment, it takes away the peace of mind. We don’t want anyone to utter a word about it. Like the children, when they fell, they get up and check if someone was looking at them rather than checking if they have got hurt. So the question is do we feel bad because of the failure itself or the embarrassment that we feel after we fail. Or is it because we were expecting something from ourselves and wanted to prove it to others? Why? Why do we feel bad and stop experimenting?

I asked the Buddha (The supreme teacher)
Why do I fear of failure and just don’t try it. Why do I feel depressed when I fail. How can I just go on doing the things without expecting something good out of it?
He looked at me in compassion and said,
What was easy for you in this life? Nothing! Everything is difficult before it’s easy. Entering the mother’s womb was not easy, taking birth was not easy, you couldn’t speak and tell your emotions and needs. You used to cry, that was not easy. Standing on your feet, taking a step, walking, running, jumping…nothing was easy, ever. You kept on doing it. So many times you fall off the bicycle but still could do it. You never felt bad about it but used to keep on practicing very happily. Now, you have focused on outcome and how you can use that for the future. Focus on the passion and joy you get out of it. Then and then only you can succeed. Nothing is easy or difficult. There is only doing. When you fail, you learn something. When you succeed, you can know the conclusion. And yes, there is nothing wrong in expecting a good outcome but that should be a result but not the goal.

I felt so much relief. I was burdened below the expectations. The joy of doing was long forgotten. Let me do it for myself, my joy of practicing it. If I like it from the bottom of my heart, everyone will like it for sure!