We all know that we just need to go on doing good. We can’t stop. Even if we think so, we can’t. The mind is churning the thoughts each moment. Some we keep and some we reject. But for sure, it’s a continuous process, till end, and may be even after that. What is it that makes the process tiring? Why do we we want to stop and don’t see the path ahead? And what to do if there is too dark out there?

I asked the Buddha (The Enlightened One)
How can I continue to do what I have chosen. I know I am doing the right thing but, I can’t see further.
He said…
When you drive in the night, you just can see a little further, still you manage to reach the destination. Then consider this the same. You will always be able to see little ahead as that much only is sufficient. And that’s how it can be exciting. Don’t forget it’s a journey, and you can get joy of exploration only when you are not knowing the future. If everything is certain and you already know it, the purpose of taking a birth will just be wasted.
Be like water, find the way. Be like light, touch everything but don’t get stuck. Be like wind, free and happy. Take it easy and let go the things which are out of control.

Right. There is no point in getting stuck. Rather the things we have chosen for us are worth continuing. We will find the way. May be it’s too dark right now… Which also means that it’s time for sunrise… Almost!

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