Same vs Unique

Days come and Go. We keep on chasing the dreams. Sometimes feel tired but then again start over. What if we could fast forward our life to a point of achievement and skip certain part that we don’t like. Ha…that would cut the Experience then.

But isn’t it true that our world revolves around same things, how can we find it meaningful.

I asked the Buddha (The Peaceful One)
How can I find meaning in same things I see and listen?
He smiled and said, 
Even the things seem repetitive, they are unique. It’s true that Everyday Sun rises but have you seen exactly the same colors and shades in the sky. Have you experienced same breeze that blows? Even if the situations and their pattern is repetitive, you can find a new aspect every time. There is so much going on in each moment that you just think that it is ordinary and never care about it. No moment is an Ordinary moment. Open your eyes to see the beauty of each moment. More efforts you put more you will be able to see.

Yes! I agreed. There is so much going on around us and we are busy with laptops, iPads and cell phones. We lose the opportunity of witnessing the beauty of the moment. Listening to the same song many times, we can find a new meaning…every time. Differently Unique!