Story of Love

We all seek love. From family, friends and everyone around. The funny thing about it is we expect it from people who are difficult. Sometimes it becomes a cause for the pain and suffering. Even if we care about them, want to share the joys, love and whatever we have, people do not seem to be ready, to accept. Couldn’t we express it correctly ? Or we do see ourselves and them from wrong perspective?

I asked the Buddha (the unconditional love himself)
Why do people become difficult and don’t accept the fellow beings and understand their emotional needs?
He saw me lovingly and said,
True nature of every single person is unconditional love but it gets covered with their ego and ignorance. As soon as one starts thinking beyond himself and starts to dissolve the boundaries of thoughts, he can understand the nature. The true essence of a being. The joy one can get after becoming free. But, this needs time, it happens but with experiences and you can never know how much time. It can happen quickly or it may take many lives. You do your best, leave the rest. Let nature do it.

Very true. When we apply more force the things can break. Even if people accept and give love due to any influence, it will be temporary and false. So just being yourself and keeping up your good karma should be the way to go.