What others do?

I cleaned my desk and was very happy with clean, De-cluttered look. After sometime I saw my wife’s cell phone, my daughter’s toys and a book kept on the same. While I was just about the scream, I remembered the teachings and ethics that I am trying everyday. I cleaned the desk again…same things happened. I got annoyed but didn’t said anything to anyone.

I asked the Buddha (The Loving One)
If doing good is my duty what others are made for?
He smiled and said, Whatever you do is your Karma (deeds, things we do) and you will be responsible for the results of it. Everybody else is responsible for theirs. So let everyone do whatever they want, you keep doing what you feel is right. Not everybody can learn same lessons at same time. And if you try to enforce or oppose, you will be a part of their action and so the results of that too.

Very true, I thought. I also took time to learn about doing the right things while my parents kept on telling me about those. I realize them now.

Even at home, at office, in society, we get affected by others, their actions. Rather than reacting and repeating what they are doing we can choose to react by not reacting and doing what we feel is right. It is to establish love, kindness and peace for ourselves and eventually for everyone as a result.