Do you in believe in Perfection?

There is a word I have come to loathe and detest. It’s called perfection. I get its usage with regard to how someone feels about another person or it’s usage to imply the maximum marks on a test. So I can make my peace with “She looks perfect“ or “He got the perfect score on the test”. But the use or rather abuse of the word has transcended to things like skill and intellect for that matter. I have met a few characters (and for some reason I keep meeting them, just rotten luck I guess) who have claimed to be “Perfect” in some thing or the other. They felt that they deserved an applaud or free stuff in life but I had nothing but bewildered looks to offer them.

Following are the three definitions that come up in response to a “define perfection” query on Google

· the state or quality of being perfect

· a person or thing considered to be perfect

· the action or process of improving something until it is faultless

Well the first two explanations are what I call Trump Explanations. These are the answers you get when you ask Trump a fact question. For instance, his answer to “What do you know about nuclear weapons”, would be, “Oh nuclear weapons are weapons with nuclear stuff in them. They are the best”. But this is a theory for another time. Pardon me, I digress.

So going back to the third meaning, I do have a bone to pick with people who use perfection to imply the state of their skill or cognitive faculties. Perfection, according to me, is the state of hitting the bottom of a deep dark pit. It is the end of all imagination, innovation and improvement in life. The absolute Dead End.

The realization that you are perfect at something implies that you can never be any better at it. I am not venturing into the possibility aspect of the improvement. It is more on the lines of the drive or the attitude that prompts you to go further. Even if you are the best in the world (or universe or even the multiverse) at something, you still have your better self to compete against. The times will change that will require further progress. And remember, while you may think that there you cannot improve any further, there is always someone directing his/her tireless efforts towards improvement.

Perfection is not a goal to hit. It is the hypothetical state you always strive to achieve but never actually do so. In a way, it’s like evolution. Once a species thinks that it has evolved the most it can, the environment changes and brings about scenarios that requires it to evolve further.

Let’s put it mathematically now. (Why? Because Maths is fun, duh!)

I have theorized that your actual interest in anything inversely depends on your expectation from a task. Say, you want to learn how to play a guitar to impress a girl. Therein, you have created an expectation arising out of a state in which you’re a guitar player.

So, Interest = 1-(Expectation from the outcome of the Task)

Now, let’s define another variable called Perfection Potential. This variable defines the probability of you hitting perfection. I will define it as

Perfection Potential = Skillset * (1-Possibility of Improvement)

Finally, Performance = Interest * Perfection Potential

Therefore, Performance = Interest * Skillset * (1-Possibility of Improvement)

Performance = 100% implies Perfection

Now, let’s say that you have no expectations from the task which puts your Interest at 100% and you are the best in the whole multiverse at something. So your skillset is also at 100%. Even then, you’re not close to perfection because there is always the possibility of improving.

That’s the thing I like about probabilities of futuristic events. It’s never equal to One. Everyone laughed at Trump’s presidency and boom, he is the president now. (Pardon me again, Trump always digresses me)

My point is, even Dettol has the Possibility of Improvement at 0.0001 and this is Dettol we are talking about. Trust me, you’re no Dettol.

It’s alright to not be perfect at anything. It’s definitely not okay to be perfect at something.

Nothing succeeds in life like the realization of imperfection.

Disclaimer: Kindly refrain from quoting me to describe your girlfriends. Your girlfriends are actually perfect. I will not be responsible for any breakups that arise out of the usage this content.