Water and Wastewater Treatment Company In India

Sauber Environmental Solutions Pvt Ltd. is a technology based EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction), project management & Consultancy organization in the field of water and wastewater management & providing services ranging from initial project conceptualization, planning, techno-economic feasibility studies, Design, Engineering, cost estimations, preparation of tender documents, tender evaluation & consultancy to full fledge EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction), Erection, Testing & Commissioning, Operation & project management on Turnkey basis.


Sauber Environmental Solutions is a Leading Water and Waste Water Treatment Company in India and Wastewater Treatment Service Provider in India. We offer sustainable and uniquely integrated eco-friendly, low cost treatment solutions for water & municipal wastewater treatment, industrial effluent treatment, Biogas generation and recycle, recycle & reuse of treated wastewater/effluent.

SESPL has in — house design & engineering capabilities and offering value engineering services for both project design and construction. We offer leading edge technology and our team is having long term experience in water and wastewater management field.

We offer specialized services for complete design engineering of 24 x 7 water supply (continuous pressurized water supply) projects for Urban infra. MAINTENANCE



We shall be highly respected professionally managed company operating in environmental segment & providing services both in the EPC & Consultancy Services of Water & Wastewater management, Recycle & Reuse business.

Our company shall be the best place to work at & we shall have exhaustive list of highly satisfied customers.

We shall be fully committed to provide a Clean, Healthy and Well Protected Environment to all, supporting a sustainable society and economy.


To provide complete eco-friendly solutions for water and wastewater to our valuable customers & ensure customer satisfaction in terms of End results, Time frame, Quality at optimum cost.

We, shall continuously strive, develop & work consistently to offer best solutions so as to save & preserve most precious gifts of nature i.e. environment (air, land & water), enrich our global environment, to make world a beautiful, better & more sustainable to live and make a difference in the lives of others and provide best value to our customer.


  • Integrity & ethical business
  • Employee is our strength
  • Treat employees with dignity and integrity
  • Respect and concern for each individual
  • Work with passion, agility, commitment and enthusiasm

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