SauceBoss: An Origin Story

Emily and I began building SauceBoss to solve one main problem: we were losing track of all the hot sauces we tried and liked.

We’d been frequenting Hot Sauce expos and specialty stores for some time, and our collection had gotten out of hand. At that point, we were talking maybe ~35 sauces or so, plus those we’d tasted along the way. As an engineer, the solution to this problem was clear — we build our own hot sauce management tool.

Two other motivations, also important: I’m a web developer with rails and javascript experience and wanted to delve into React Native and needed a good project idea; and Emily was in the process of a career change from healthcare into UX design (which she has completed!), and needed a portfolio project. Once we both realized this hobby project could help us both, we were all in. Finally, we both really freaking love hot sauce.

Smash-cut 8 months later to today, and SauceBoss has been live and in the AppStore since August. We’ve got 1170 hot sauces, 196 hot sauce makers, and 230 users who have left 213 ratings. Having just finished and shipped the “last” major missing feature, we’re ready to start trying to get more folks on the app. Also, our fridge collection has grown to 65 or so bottles. It’s kind of a problem.

This has been an awesome journey for both Emily and I so far, and I honestly wish I had started this blog months ago — we were making critical product decisions, and I was finding and overcoming some interesting technical challenges that I would have loved to have documented somewhere (let alone the entire process of getting a product into the AppStore). From here, I hope to post a mixture of general product and business decisions, as well as specific technical hurdles and things I learn along the way.

Thanks for reading.

Find us at or in the AppStore.