At first it is like part of my soul has been ripped apart from the core of my own body.
It felt like half of me have died and turned to ash.
That’s what it feels now as you are half way around the world.

They said you don’t know what love is until you let it go and it comes back again.
Frankly I do it think that’s true, I think you know when you love someone.
You know deep in your heart and soul.
You know when you want to share all moments of life with that person.
You want to shield them from pain and agony as much as you can.
You want to be there when they feel down and try to make them smile for a moment in their life.
You want them to look back at your time with them and they smile a big smile with no regret or pain and just thank god that you stumbled on to them.

You see angel, I try and I try to explain my feelings to you, but it always comes out wrong.
It took me the pain of your being so far far away to get me explain this feeling toward you.
It’s more than love, it’s something that no word can define or explain.
A feeling that got your face burned into my vision, your smile itched into my soul and your love entangled within my heart.
You always think that I spoil you, but I do not baby girl.
You deserve more than you think, for you are my life, my everything.

For now sweetheart

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