Shisha charcoal Saudi Arabia

Saudi Charcoal Company is the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Shisha Charcoal, Hookah Charcoal Briquettes to Saudi Arabia and GCC countries like Qatar, Oman, Qatar, Dubai from Indonesia. Our mission is to provide high-quality Shisha Charcoal to numerous cities like Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam in Saudi Arabia from Indonesia.

Different types of Shisha charcoals produced by Saudi Charcoal are:-

100% Natural Sticks Charcoal

Cube Briquettes Charcoal for Shisha

Cube Briquettes Charcoal for Shisha

Sticks Briquettes Charcoal for Shisha

100% Natural Sticks Charcoal:

We manufacture the most effective and traditional shisha Natural Charcoal Sticks and are the leading suppliers of Shisha Sticks Charcoal in Saudi Arabia. Our Premium Grade Charcoal is created from mangrove trees, slowly turn within traditional clay and brick kilns for 10–15 days.The charcoal is passed through the natural cooling method. Our high-quality packing units within the warehouses and method oriented delivery have helped our customers in Saudi Arabia and Mena region for last 10+ years.

Cube Briquettes Charcoal for Shisha:

We are leading suppliers of Cube shaped Shisha Charcoal in Saudi Arabia. , Cube shaped charcoals are made up of 100% coconut charcoal in Indonesia and are extremely popular in Middle East countries. we offer highest quality charcoals and leading makers and exporters of the best cubes charcoal for shisha and hookah.

Sticks Briquettes Charcoal for Shisha:

Saudi Charcoal is a leading provider of Briquettes Charcoal for shisha and hookah manufactured in Indonesia and made of 100 percent natural ingredients, no chemicals.It burns hotter and longer; extremely appreciated as a result of its absence of smoke, sparks and off odors. Primary markets are Saudi Arabia Export Packaging in carton boxes, paper bags, and wholesale bulk baggage.

Shisha Charcoal was achieved by making a series of high-quality charcoal together with this box of flat charcoals, moreover as their common cube shapes. the ability of their charcoals has been utilized by smokers in a lounge, at home, and even outdoors. The square shaped coals measures intent on a fair 1"x 1" and work absolutely atop any hookah foil, or heat management devices. These coals are crafted with the utilization of all natural materials with the main ingredient consisting of raw coconut husks, and let it’s better-known that no trees injured during this process.

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