3 easy steps to select, start and solidify habits

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Habits make or break us! Its that simple.

Essentially all habits solve for problems in our lives. When we have anxiety, if you are like me, we may befriend the fridge (carbs, specifically). When we feel overwhelmed, we may surf the Netflix or YouTube waves. Compound these behaviors over a few months and you end up unfit and unproductive. Compound them over decades and you end up with a different person and a different life altogether. We can all extrapolate how this story may go.

The point is to create a…

Father to son — a short letter

Worth means value. A high net worth implies one is financially strong and may have lots of cars, houses, cash, etc.

Self worth is how a person thinks of himself or herself. Does one love and respect oneself?

Logically, you would respect yourself if you did something worth respecting, like worked hard to get good grades, persevered through a rough patch in life and came out stronger, helped someone in need and made a difference in their life, finished a school project on time despite being overwhelmed several times, etc.

You actually did…

Father to son — a short letter

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All of us are self made but only the successful will admit it.

That’s it! The big secret to living is that both success and failure is in our hands.

Before we go any further, of course not everyone is born with the same advantages, and yes, it is not a fair starting position. Some are born into poor and some into rich families. Some have supportive parents, others may not. Some have health challenges, others may not.

If one is born with health challenges, in poverty and lack a supportive family structure…

Father to son — a short letter

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I always remind you to be present and mindful. Nooo, widening your eyes and sticking your chin out doesn’t make that happen! :)

Know that all living things and especially us humans, are like ice cubes who sunbathe daily. We are therefore melting daily. Don’t panic! Statistically, most of us may take 7 decades to fully melt— but who knows, right? Some ice cubes are bigger than others!

The point is, we should be aware of all that is around us and inside our heads and use that to create the best life…

And preventing regrets from hindering your flight path!


I consider regrets as signals to revisit a mistake, an event in the past that needs to be examined further or rectified. Regrets often grow with time and if unresolved, can lead to significant mental and emotional stress.

I share below 7 steps to dealing with regrets and finding a personal growth opportunity instead of drowning in the lamentations of the past.

Step #1: Know what regret is

Before we go deeper, lets establish that regrets are only born in the past (a time and place not in our control) and we make the choice to carry and…

So it doesn’t control you

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My personal experiences have distilled a clear life lesson in that to have a fulfilling life, the ego must be contained. Yes, ego is not necessarily evil and may even be an important catalyst for progression. But ego is tricky to manage sometimes because it doesn’t have clear boundaries, breach of which would signal to the person to start pulling in the reigns!

Before I share the 10 actions that may help contain the ego, I have to punctuate that in all these actions, the underlying theme is gratitude, without which, in my view, ego…

Tactics in the Coronavirus times and beyond

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Life adjustment to Covid19 may feel overwhelming but for many, working from home is now a practical reality and one that may be around for a while. However, this change does not have to add to the overall anxiety.

Having worked from home for more than a decade, I have learnt a few things that are quite relevant for today’s home-office dynamic. Hope they help.

Tip #1: Pick a Corner

Your workstation (computer and desk) should not be in the way of a ‘high traffic’ zone. Rooms that are in the corner of the house and workstations in…

Resistance to change is our Achilles heel in the fight against Coronavirus

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As I was walking towards the hospital’s emergency entrance, I saw a mob of men and women, some old, some young, and a couple in wheelchairs. This was yesterday when I took a family relative for a serious health issue, though not coronavirus related.

Not only were there heated debates on the 1+1 policy, i.e. one patient to be accompanied by only one attendant into the hospital, the amount of physical contact among two dozen or so people including security guards was horrifying. …

Getting prepared for the new normal

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In this article, I cover 10 key points in better understanding how the global reality of the Covid-19 outbreak affects all of us and our families and how we should prepare ourselves for times ahead. Several of my family members were scrambling to decipher the enormous flow of real-time information on the outbreak so I decided to consolidate below what I have gathered and understood thus far.

1. Coronavirus is nothing new: It is actually a group of 7 human coronaviruses, the earliest of which were identified in the mid-1960s, 4 of which are…

Father to son — a short letter

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Simba from Lion King is a great character no doubt and I have always reminded you to be courageous like a lion. And now as you have grown past your 12th year M.A. (MashaAllah — Arabic for God has willed), its time I introduce you to a different kind of inspiration.

Before you saw eeeww, what is that creepy-crawler pic of an ant for, let me first impress you on behalf of Mr. Creepy here.

Did you know there are 1 million ants for every human on this planet? Were you aware ants…

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