(Movie Review)

Visually dazzaling, brilliant plot, high level sci-fi space adventure movie. I can fill up whole page praising its impact on me. The biggest thing I took from this film is the power to imagine the scenario (that might happen in future to come) and execute a big cinematic experience in such a marvellous way to make that huge magic within 2 hour and 30 minutes by the director Christopher Noolan. Yep, Its is the name to remember. He made it so good.

Performance from the little Murph was the most special and heart touching for me. The concept of space exploration might be our ultimate option because we are making this beautiful planet unsuitable as habitat for all biological organisms because of global warming or increasing resistance from bacterias and viruses or pollution as a whole. Thats very cool in making such a big movie on that concept. That leaves a great message for us to question and imagine the scenarios of future as well, that is sure going to happen someday and what might be our survival chances ?
Dr. Amily Brand - I'd say she is beauty with brain.
Cooper - Man with devotion. Person with great love for his childrens. But he eventually sacrifice all even his life in the name to save what earth had created.
Murph - Intelligent, with high feeling of resentment with his father, compulsive obbession, which eventually turn out to be good for her.

Yes, final climax part is little dizzy. How cooper managed to escape from blackwhole, encountering his own past in a loop like sequence is something highly imaginative and confusing. Director Noolan might have consider something like god or some 5 dimensional thing that have power to do such things. As we don't exactly know what happens when someone enters black whole, here we can do nothing but just go with the flow of the Movie. And Noolan finds a way to put emotional aspects such as parental love in such a 
Sci-Fi movie which eventually drives Cooper to strive for all the things as much as he can from his side.

As a whole, performance from all cast and crews is commendable. Nice idea and good imagination with cool exeution as a movie. #Recommended for all.

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